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I design Homes for people.


Each family has its own needs that stem from a way of life, values, habits and culture.
I gather information from the owners, listen, read between the lines for needs, desires and dreams and connect the fantasy to a design home and its surroundings.


I would like to make everyday actions more beautiful, harmonious, inspiring and in a sense cleaner.
Allow air to flow in the space, not overload, find & give room for old and new.


An eclectic, multi-layered approach that combines different design elements creates a "personal design" that suits and represents the homeowners.


My goal in design is to create places that produce feelings and memories and enrich the family experience at home. A home that is suitable for the family, creates real feelings of well-being and belonging and inspires the continuous  story of their lives.

Einat Shahar Studio Specializes in interior planning and design for residential and boutique offices.


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